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It’s Time To Take Our Country Back From Partisan Politics

Take our country back
What happened to our country?  The America I knew? It seems that partisan politics has taken over. Once upon a time, our great nation stood united, despite our differences.  We were a collection of diverse perspectives, yet down deep, we were all Americans. But now, I can't help but think: America, we need to talk.

A look back at the good old days from 2023

Teenagers at a drive in during the good old days
We all look back at the good old days. Trying to relive them in our minds. Playing in the street, baseball in the vacant lot, riding your bicycle everywhere. Saturday morning cartoons, hanging out at the corner store. Didn't worry about getting kidnapped, no "stranger danger", no sir.

No, There’s Nothing Wrong With Me

Man in a wheelchair and another with a prosthetic leg. And Larry. There's nothing wrong with me
No, there’s nothing wrong with me. Yes, I had cancer. Yes, I had my neck cut open and my voice box taken out. Yes, I have a hole in my neck to breathe through. Yes, I can no longer speak naturally. Yes, I can barely smell anything since I don’t breathe through my nose. But no, there’s nothing wrong with me.

The 8 Best Classic Science Fiction Movies That Don’t Involve Space

8 best science fiction movies
With the recent passing of Raquel Welch, a lot has been mentioned about her first major screen role. I remember this as being one of my favorite science fiction movies.

The Silence of Throat Cancer (Updated for 2023)

the silence of throat cancer

Throat Cancer – The Hidden Danger


You Have Cancer

cancer newspaper article

What to Do If You Find Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

Tech and Boomers

Older man with laptop

Forgiving Student Loans – The Right Thing to do?

Student Loan Debt

How an old white guy identifies with black lives matter

Controversy over Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind poster

Hold On!

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