Larry 'N Atlana

(Yes we say “Atlana” down here)

About me

Born in 1954 in Crawford Long Hospital (now Piedmont Midtown). Raised in Grant park and lived in that area until 1977 when I moved to the suburbs.

Educated at Ed. S. Cook Elementary School and Roosevelt High School.

I’ve seen my city go from the shining crown of the south, through turbulent times, to the vibrant multi cultured metropolis that it is now.

I write about life, positive, negative, happy, sad, funny, and serious. Just about any subject is on the table except politics. Too much hatred between the sides on that one.

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cancer newspaper article

You Have Cancer

You have cancer. That’s what the doctor said. You have cancer. In my case, it’s stage 4 throat cancer. I noticed something in my throat

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Older man with laptop

Tech and Boomers

Just because we’re old doesn’t mean we’re not into tech The young people today seem to believe that they have all the tech answers, but

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Why the hate?

We are living in a time like I have never seen in all my 65 years here on this rock. There has and always will

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