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Be thankful for what you have

Be thankful you can go to work

After being off three days last week I was getting ready for work this morning. Yawning, I whined: “It’s Monday. I gotta go to work today”. It was then that my wife, Mrs Larry, commented that “It could be worse, you might not be able to work”. I had to stop and think, I’m sounding like one of those millennials. She’s right, or I might not have a job, or I might have a job that I hate. I need to be thankful that I’m able to go to work.

Monday blues

I guess I’m as guilty as many others about complaining about things that I have control over and could change if I wanted to, like going to work. The thing is, I’m not a victim of burnout. I wouldn’t swap the opportunity or ability to go to work for much of anything. So why am I complaining about it? I have to remember that I don’t have to go to work, I get to go to work.

Be thankful

We in the US and other prosperous nations have a lot to be thankful for and yet we bitch about it constantly. We own a car and are able to drive on decent roads, yet we complain about gas and traffic. We have grocery stores full of food. but gripe about the prices and long lines. We have free elections and a peaceful exchange of power, and grumble about who the president is. I could go on and on about this. It seems we as a people feel that we have a need to complain about something.

It could always be worse

A few years ago I was whining about it being Monday when a friend of mine reminded me that a mutual acquaintance of ours had just two days ago lost her Father, and was right then in a hospital waiting room with her Mother while her Grandfather was having heart surgery. So the fact that is was Monday meant nothing to them and it shouldn’t to me either.

So starting today, the complaining is over. I’m glad that I get to go to work.


Hold On!

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