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Offended? Get over it

One can’t turn around in today’s time without hearing someone complain about being offended by something. Whether it’s “Cultural Appropriation”, or the “War on Christmas”. Offended? Y’all just need to get over it. Nobody has any kind of right to not be offended.

People are probably going to get offended with this post

Some of the things people are offended about:

Women complaining that the term “Housewife” is demeaning.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond was selling black Jack o’ lanterns for Halloween. Personally I thought they were nice, but nooooo. Blacks saw them as blackface.

Starbucks cups are something that many people wait for. Some because they want to see the latest style, others just can’t wait to complain about them. Once they even put out a plain red cup with their logo on it and people still got their panties in a wad.

Houston Astros manager saying he’s glad they acquired a baseball player. Brandon Taubman, the Astros’ manager said during their World Series celebration in the locker room: “Thank God we got Osuna! I’m so f*cking glad we got Osuna!”. Referring to Roberto Osuna, who was accused of domestic violence in 2018, but the charges were dropped. Taubman had the audacity to say this in front of female reporters, one of whom was wearing a domestic awareness bracelet. My biggest beef is that Taubman actually apologized to them, saying he “used inappropriate language”.

An hispanic woman singing a lyric to a song performed by a black woman. Gina Rodriguez was seen in an Instagram video rapping along with Lauryn Hill on the Fugees’ song “Ready or not“. Apparently Gina used a word that only black people are allowed to use.

Ok, you get the point.

Cultural appropriation

Man in headdress

This is a type of offense that has come about in the last few years. It’s where one culture accuses someone of appropriating it by adopting it’s dress, music, language, dance folklore, cuisine, religious symbols, etc. Such as a Caucasian woman wearing an oriental-style dress. The practice has been around for a while, but most recently it’s become fashionable to be offended by it. Here’s a long Wikipedia article citing examples, and another from ThoughtCo explaining why they believe the practice is wrong. I contend that just because your ancestors developed something, that doesn’t give some group that you associate with the exclusive right to it. Offended? Y’all just need to get over it.

Here’s a story about a couple of white girls in Portland who were accused of cultural appropriation for making tortillas.

And this article from “Teen Vogue” explaining how to avoid cultural appropriation while attending Cochilla. The author talks about her “mistake” for wearing a Pocahontas costume at a Halloween party. Sheesh…

Sports teams

Atlanta Braves fans doing the tomahawk chop in the stands

Native Americans are offended by sports team names like the Atlanta Braves. Recently St Louis Cardinals’ (does that name offend bird lovers?) pitcher Ryan Helsley complained that the Braves’ “Tomahawk Chop” offended him. Helsey is a member of the Cherokee tribe. I wish he and everyone else complaining about Cultural Appropriation would take a trip to The Qualla reservation in Cherokee, NC. There they will find souvenir stores owned by non Native Americans called “Pow Wow Gift Shop”, “Medicine Man Craft Shop”, also the “Wigwam Motel” Are those names offensive? Of course not, because the reservation is making beaucoup (Uh-oh, I’ve now offended Cajuns) wampum from the palefaces that come there buying authentic Chinese made Indian tomahawks and headdresses. Not to mention the “Chiefs” on every corner letting you take their photo, for a fee that is.


Minstrel show poster

This isn’t cultural appropriation, and I completely understand blacks being offended by whites dressing in blackface in the theater where blacks weren’t allowed to perform or attend. But these performers weren’t appropriating black culture, instead they were making mockery of it. But that was back in the 19th and early 20th century. Now it’s just a costume. Offended? Y’all just need to get over it.

There’s actually a controversy surrounding if it’s OK for a white kid to dress as Black Panther for Halloween.

War on Christmas

People complaining because some business has signs, or their employees are saying, “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. Get over it. We live in a free country were people can say what they want.

I could do a whole article on this one. Actually I think I might. Check back later.

Hey, look at me!

What’s wrong with people now days? Is everybody that thin skinned? Or is it just a way to get attention to oneself? I’m kind of thinking the latter. Like the trend of “virtue signaling” where people feel that they have to constantly remind everyone that they’re a member of some special group.

“How can you tell if someone’s a vegan”? “Because they tell you… Over and over again”.

It’s just a way for a group to get noticed. Not getting any press? Just start complaining that you’re offended by something.

Some Christians, for example, get offended if something is non-Christian (see the Starbucks example above). Imagine a Jewish person being offended by a “Jesus Saves” sign.

OK Boomer

This meme is, I believe, an attempt by the Gen X-ers and Millennials to offend baby boomers. Well, I have news for them, we ain’t as fragile as they are. We can take it. We’re proud of our age and no young whippersnapper is going to make us feel bad about being older than they are.

So my answer to “OK Boomer” is “Get off my lawn!”

Get over it

Offended? Y’all just need to get over it. You are going to be offended many times during your lifetime, and you have every right to be offended. And while I may not be doing or saying something to intentionally offend anyone, I’m surely not going to let the easily offended dictate to me what to say or do.

And you may say or do something to offend me, but guess what? I’ll get over it.


Hold On!

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