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(Although we say “Atlana” down here)

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Wait What?

For those of you that read my ramblings at, well that site no longer exists. This is the replacement.

Why the change? Well. I’ve been That Weird Uncle since 2008, and I just figured it was time to move the cheese around. I was trying to think of a name but I couldn’t come up with anything. Then one day at the office on the phone it finally hit me. Many of the people in my corporate office, because we have a lot of Larrys, call me “Larry in Atlanta” so, of course what else could I be? I have also changed my Twitter handle to @LarrynAtlanta.

I have promised myself that I will write something new every day, Even if just an small observation. And I will recycle some of my old stuff once in a while (only the good ones).

This blog will be a little bit of everything, except here’s one topic that’s off limits for the most part: Politics. There’s areason for that and I will post it another day.


Hold On!

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