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Born and raised in Atlanta. Proud of being a Southerner, while at the same time not always proud of some of the role the south has played in history.

This blog isn’t just about Atlanta and the south, instead it’s mostly about life and my observations of it.

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What happened to our country?  The America I knew? It seems that partisan politics has taken over. Once upon a time, our great nation stood united, despite our differences.  We were a collection of diverse perspectives, yet down deep, we were all Americans. But now, I can't help but think: America, we need to talk.

A look back at the good old days from 2023

Teenagers at a drive in during the good old days

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Man in a wheelchair and another with a prosthetic leg. And Larry. There's nothing wrong with me

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Tech and Boomers

Older man with laptop

An old southerner in the new south

Being an old Southerner in the new south isn’t easy. The Atlanta I knew as a child, teenager, and young adult has changed.

Changed in a good way.

Gone are the old stereotypes. We’re not “The Dukes of Hazzard” anymore. Atlanta is home to a diverse culture. The new Hollywood, home to Tyler Perry who has a massive studio along with many other studios that have made Atlanta their home. Most all of the Marvel films were made here, plus The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, etc.

It has a vibrant LGBQ community. Many HipHop studios.

Some still cling to the old ways, but they are in the minority. Still many of us are looked at as redneck, racist, wife beating, moonshine making rubes.

Come down to Atlanta and see for yourself. We even have paved roads…

Hold On!

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