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Fight germs the natural way

The death of man

A comet slams into the earth, causing major earthquakes, covering the globe with ash. Cutting off the sun and radically changing the climate. Crops dry up, famine sweeps the globe, and eventually mankind as we know it ceases to exist.

We’re doomed!

…or every volcano erupts at the same time, massive flows of lava decimate cities and towns. Poisonous gas chokes off the oxygen supply.

…or an alien civilization, fleeing their own dying planet, invades earth, destroying and/or enslaving man. They take over our planet and make it theirs.

Zombies will come

Which one of these scenarios seems the most likely one to wipe out man?

None. Mankind will be destroyed by. Wait for it. Hand sanitizer.

Advance in germ warfare

While certain advances in bacterial warfare have been good for man, such as antibiotics, people, especially Americans, have turned into germophobes and allergy prone wusses.

Before it became popular to attempt to sanitize every piece of the planet we come in contact with, you never heard of hardly anybody being allergic to, OK hang on, (deep breath) peanuts, wheat, milk, shrimp, soy, nuts, fish, eggs…OK, you get the point.

Many grocery and department stores have jugs of sanitizer at the entrance to “disinfect” the buggies. It’s almost impossible to find a cleaning product that isn’t antibacterial. We have anti bacterial soap, shampoo, towels, clothes, underwear, socks, pillows, furniture, sheets, curtains, toilet seats, counter tops, keyboards, etc, etc. There’s even a “sanitizing wand” that you’re supposed to wave around (to ward off the evil spirits I guess).

We don’t have to clean everything

One day I was in one of those small stores that sells bath products. I was just standing around the door while my wife shopped when a lady with her small child walked past me heading out. As they passed me, the woman squeezed some hand sanitizer in the little girl’s hand, saying “here, you might have touched something in there”

Out defense system works if we let it

Humans are born with an immune system. That system is in place as a defense to anything bad that enters our bodies. Just like our national defense system, it needs training and constant drilling. Imagine if our military sat around all day drinking beer and watching TV. When the enemy hit, how well protected would we be? We need to keep our natural defense on its toes as well, and killing every germ that has the potential to come anywhere near our body is not the way to do it. We need to train our bodies to fight germs the natural way.

Sometimes we need to eat a little dirt.

Just like the aliens in “War of the Worlds”, who were killed off because they had no natural defense to earth germs, all it’s going to take is one germ that we can’t kill to wipe man off the face of the earth. And it’s all because of hand sanitizer.


Hold On!

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