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How complicated can it be?

Some people really shouldn’t be ordering at a cafeteria.

I was standing in line at a local meat & two place I frequent. This guy in front of me was typical of what I see there a lot:

Customer: “What is that?”
Server: “Fish”
C: “What kind?”
S: “Whiting”
C: “How many pieces do you get?”
S: “Two”
C: “Nah, I’m not a big fish person, What’s that?”
S: “Chicken tenders”
C: “And that?”
S: “Pork chops”
C: “Naw, I’ll just have the baked chicken”
S: “White or dark?”
C: “Uhhhhhh”
C: ………..
C: “Dark. No, not that piece, that one. No, the one behind it. Yeah, that one”
S: “Ok, what two sides do you want?”
C: …………
C: “Mac & Cheese?
C: “Put a little more on there”
S: “And your next side?”
C: “Um….. I don’t want beans, no corn, I don’t like whatever that is (rutabagas), what’s that?”
S: “Fried squash”
C: “Naw, I don’t like squash either. I’ll just have more mac & cheese”
S: “Rolls or cornbread?”
C: “……………. Rolls”

Luckily another server had come up and taken my order so I was able to move ahead of this guy. It seems like sometimes I think that people have never been to anywhere besides McDonalds. Probably just used to ordering a #4 or something. Lord knows if they have to make multiple decisions.


Hold On!

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