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In business since 1996

At a restaurant today I parked next to a construction truck that had a sign on the door that read “In business since 1996“. My first instinct was, why brag about being in business for such a little while? Then I counted. Damn, I’m old. 1996 seems like yesterday to me. What happened? Actually I […]

Learning to love the library. All over again.

The library has always been one of my favorite places. Starting in grammar school (that’s what we olders called elementary school), through high school, into college, and then of course the local public library. I could spend hours browsing books, looking for something to catch my eye. Fast forward into the late 20th century and […]

Disrespecting MLK

There is a bail bond company here in Atlanta called “Free At Last”. What’s next, the “I Have A Dream” mattress company?

This is a Larry after my own heart

Hundreds of people protesting Trump’s visit to the UK didn’t bother him, but it was Larry, The Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office (yes, that’s his official title) deciding to beat the heat under the President’s limo that delayed him leaving number 10. Larry knows who runs the place…

A lifetime of service

This man, Walter Banks, has been an usher for the Atlanta Braves since I was a teenager (I’m 65). Today is his 80th birthday and the Braves have honored him with his own bobble head doll. Today’s generation doesn’t have the dedication and work ethic that this man has. He’s lived a life doing what […]

Hold On!

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