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Backup like your life depends on it

In 2018, the city of Atlanta was hit by a ransomware attack that crippled them for days. Officials said that they did not pay the ransom, but have not stated how they recovered the data. Also in 2018, a hospital was hit. They paid $55,000 to get their data back. More recently 22 municipalities have […]

Just forget about privacy? Not me.

Is the latest craze app sending your data to the Russians? More importantly, is it sending my data to the Russians? I have quite a few Facebook friends, although I’m not like some people who collect them like baseball cards as if they’re in competition to see who can have the most friends. Most of […]

That’s racist, but I can’t really say that.

I got ito a little argument on Twiter yesterday with someone who stated in a nutshell that a white person wasn’t qualified to say what is racist. That’s like saying that only a fish can define water. or a gentile can’t define antisemitism or the holocaust . Now, I’m not going to get into what […]

Fight germs the natural way

The death of man A comet slams into the earth, causing major earthquakes, covering the globe with ash. Cutting off the sun and radically changing the climate. Crops dry up, famine sweeps the globe, and eventually mankind as we know it ceases to exist. …or every volcano erupts at the same time, massive flows of […]

How complicated can it be?

Some people really shouldn’t be ordering at a cafeteria. I was standing in line at a local meat & two place I frequent. This guy in front of me was typical of what I see there a lot: Customer: “What is that?”Server: “Fish”C: “What kind?”S: “Whiting”C: “How many pieces do you get?”S: “Two”C: “Nah, I’m […]

Hold On!

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